Salvatore Martinez on a Mission to the European Parliament - Brussels with the occasion of the "70th anniversary of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights"

The President of the Vatican Foundation “International Center Family of Nazareth” Salvatore Martinez is on a mission to Brussels, for a dense agenda of meeting with representatives of political, religious and diplomatic institutions, also as the Personal Representative of the Italian Presidency OSCE 2018, Dimension 3 on “Human Rights” in charge of the “Fight against Racism, Xenophobia, Intolerance and Discrimination against Christians and members of other Religions”.

Salvatore Martinez will be in Brussels on 23 - 25 April. On the morning of April 24, he will speak as guest of honour and speaker at the Working group Breakfast on Intercultural and Religious Dialogue on the theme: "Religious freedom 70 years after the Universal Declaration of Human Rights", scheduled at the European Parliament.

President Martinez will meet, in particular, heads of institutions and MEPs among which the President of the European Parliament, Hon. Antonio Tajani, the Vice president of the European Parliament, in charge of the interreligious dialogue, Hon. Mairead McGuinness and Hon. Silvia Costa, member of the “Commission for Culture and Education” of the European Parliament; religious leaders like Rabbi Albert Guigui, Chief Rabbi of Brussels and spokesperson for the Conference of European Rabbi; Senior Representatives and diplomats including the EU Special Representative for Human Rights, Hon. Stavros Lambrinidis, Amb. Luminiţa Teodora Odobescu, Permanent Representative of Romania to the EU, Amb. Peter Javorčĺk, Permanent Representative of Slovakia to the EU and Amb. Maurizio Massari, Permanent Representative of Italy to the EU. There will follow some meetings to discuss specific projects and initiatives, with authoritative representatives working in various European institutions, first of all Parliament and Commission, including Stefano Grassi and Michael Schotter, Members of the Cabinet of the President of the European Commission, Hon. Jean-Claude Juncker, Silvano Presa, Deputy Director General DG BUDG of the European Commission and Enrico Petrocelli, Member of the Cabinet, High Representative of the Union for Foreign Affairs and Security Policy and Vice President of the Commission, Hon. Federica Mogherini.

Rereading the Universal Declaration, Salvatore Martinez will focus on three declarations of principle common to all religious confessions and at the base of mutual coexistence, from which to start again the construction of stable processes of peace and social justice, which place religious freedom at the “heart” of human rights:

“There is no man greater than another man, because every man deserves service and love!”

“There can not be the profession of only one faith, of a faith without the others or of a faith against the others, as every society is by its nature a pluri-religious one”.

“There has never arisen a true religious belief that is contrary to what is constitutive of the dignity of man, of his deepest yearning, that is the yearning for freedom, justice and peace!”

He also called for "new models of intercultural and interreligious political leadership affecting the new generations" and "a new Europe of spirit inspired by the tradition of Mediterranean humanism". For Martinez: "We must invest more in education and formation of new leaders, to give citizenship to new ethical and spiritual models capable of promoting man in his integral and transcendent dignity. Today the common good is challenged by the protection of individual rights and by reactionary attitudes that feed forms of intolerance and discrimination. Those who feed the conflicts must then be able to solve them, otherwise the world will never know peace. Politics and religions must return to dialogue with a higher and far-sighted measure of the mission that our era assigns to them, without exploiting the religious freedom, writing together a new global ethos, a new moral grammar of cohabitation and sharing".

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